Illusion quilt block

Almost a year ago I came across some illusion pictures. First thing I wanted to do was to make an illusion quilt. There was this picture, which haunted me for a while. Picture of a vase/candle stand, created the illusion of 2 faces.

I wanted to avoid applique works and tried paper piecing, curved piecing…but none of them gave the look of applique work. But after almost a year, I ended up with the applique work.

Here is the front and back of the finished quilted block.

I ended up with a very small block of 11″x 9″. I might have done the block little bigger…but it looks good as it is for now… It will be a nice wall hanging.

Hope you will stare at the picture twice !!!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend :-).



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QAL March Blocks (Curved Piecing)

Hello there,

Hope spring is springing up everywhere :-). I am sharing my blocks made with Alida’s Quilt along blocks for the month of March.

Here is the block number one:

Here is the second block:

Hope you like these blocks as much as I do :-).

Happy Spring :-),


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QAL Traditional Piecing

As I have already mentioned in one of my previous posts, I joined the QAL hosted by Alida @

For the month of February, here is the first block I did: There was a small mistake and my block didn’t turn out right.


So I went back and re-did the block with the remaining extra fabric cuttings.

Here is the corrected block:


Here is the second block:


I used the modern fabrics from Intrepid thread.

Hope you had a wonderful week too :-).



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Fabric basket

Hello there,

I just wanted to share the fabric basket I made this week. I found so many tutorials for fabric baskets. Here is the one I made it from: 

The only change I made to this pattern is I added medium weight interfacing to the lining and Heavy weight sew-in interfacing to the exterior fabric.

I selected the same fabric for lining and exterior.


Here is the finished basket, which is 4.5″ in depth and 5.5″width. It will fit nicely into my IKEA dresser :-).

dsc_0329small dsc_0330small

Hope you had a fabulous week too :-).



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Safety Pin Quilt Block

Hello there,

Hope you are enjoying your winter. I just can’t wait to get rid off this winter. Its overwhelming with kids getting sick and can’t spend much time outside or in front of the machine.

Today I will share a fun mini quilt I did this week. I found this cute little safety pin block on craftsy and fell in love with it. HERE is the link for the free paper piecing pattern. Thanks to Kitty Wilkin @, who shared this amazing pattern.

At first, I wanted to make a bag using this block. But somehow I was in the mood to quilt and it was fun to do the free motion quilting after a a while. I finished, quilted and bound the block in less than 2 hours!!!!!!!! It did make me feel so relaxed and lighthearted :-).

I used a floral fabric from the same color combinations. Finshed size is 13″x10″


Isn’t it pretty????? It is already on the wall right in front of my sewing area. It will be a great inspiration for me :-).

Hope you are enjoying your creativity too:-).



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Raw Edge Applique – New QAL

Hello there,

Hope you are keeping yourself warm if you are in a colder region. If not, enjoy the warm weather and I am jealous of you :-). Can’t wait for 4 more months to get in to the summer.

I have joined a new QAL lead by Alida @ this new year. Our January’s 2 blocks were raw edge applique works. Here are my versions:



I learnt how to solve a 3×3 Rubik’s cube and doing a 1000 piece puzzle too :-)). Hope you are also stepping in to new adventures and have fun!!!!!



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Summer Dress in Winter!!!!!!!!!

Hello there,

Hope you celebrated your Christmas with your family and friends. My little one turned 4 on Christmas Day.


Few days before her birthday, she came with a purple fabric and demanded that she wanted a dress out of it. How could I say No for such a demand. I tried different combinations and ended up with pink and purple.

dsc_0223small  pink-purple-combi

For the first time ever, I created my own pattern and it turned out fabulous. I will be posting the tutorial very soon. Here is how the dress turned out:

dsc_0235-small dsc_0227-small

There she is:

dsc_0141small dsc_0151small

I sewed an Indian dress for myself too.

dsc_0208small dsc_0211small

Meanwhile, I had a sewing disaster too. I was suppose to sew a pant similar to leggings with a striped cotton fabric. The fabric came as a set with the above top. Since, it was supposed to cut on a bias edge, here is how it turned out to be :-)). A complete disaster!!!!!!!!.  I had to keep the fabrics separated for each leg while cutting.  No harms done… I will be wearing a plain white legging instead.


Hope your sewing adventures this year was amazing. My year was filled with lots of ups and downs. I am definitely trying to be a better person by leaving behind the negative past and carrying only the positive values with me.

I wish you a very happy new year filled with lots of happiness and peace. 



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Dress Making

Hello there,

Hope you are keeping yourself warm in this cold weather. We already had one snow day here in Michigan!!!!!!! As much as many of them like this season, I can’t wait to get through this. Hence to keep myself away from depression, I am making lots of adventures in the dressmaking area.

I am experimenting on Indian clothing (Long skirt with blouse) for my soon to be 4 years old daughter. I was very apprehensive about my skills, but they turned out pretty good. I will be sharing few of those here.

Skirt and Blouse (This was made from my saree):

dsc_0039small dsc_0041small

lining top for the blouse:

dsc_0008-small dsc_0004small

Kurti top (up-cycled from my old top)


I also sewed pajama pants for both of my kids.


I will share some interesting projects soon.

dsc_0077small dsc_0084small

Hope you enjoy your winter till then ;-).


Cardinal – Paper Piecing

My previous project – Butterfly paper-piecing got me hooked on to the paper-piecing. It was time to do another gift project. I definitely have plans of making my own paper piecing patterns. But right now with the busy schedule, I borrowed one book from the local library. This is the book by Linda Causee and this amazing book has 365 paper piecing projects. I picked this beautiful cardinal project.

dsc_0955small   dsc_0959small

Here is my finished project. Finished  block in the book measured 7 x 7 inches. The finished wall hanging is 14 x 14 inches.  I added a bling to the eyes :-). It looks pretty in real than the picture.

dsc_0915-small    dsc_0923small

I did some echo quilting around the bird. I did straight line quilting in the rest of the places. Here is the backside of the quilt.

dsc_0928small dsc_0951

So finally, another gift is ready to be given. Even though my kids want to keep it, I assured them that there will be another bird in the house pretty soon :-).

Thank you for dropping by.



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Butterfly Paper Piecing

Little wall hangings are one of the most satisfying projects. I have a big list of such projects in my to do list :-).

One of my very close friend bought a house recently and I was looking for some cute wall hanging designs. I came across this butterfly pattern. The pattern is called “Take Wing,” created by Nicole Young of Lilly Ella’s Stitchery. I purchased the pattern at the craftsy store HERE.  The instructions are clear and easy to follow.

This is the second project I did with paper piecing. Only hard time I had was, figuring out which fabric to use as the center fabric for the wing.  I started off with a white fabric just because it had butterflies in it. But somehow, looked like the colors didn’t come together and I didn’t take the pain off ripping off those little stitches.


So I started off with a new center fabric and it came out pretty quickly.


Most of the fabrics I used were Jelly rolls from Moda Sewing Box Jelly Rolls By Gina Martin, I bought a while ago from Craftsy and used in some of my previous projects.  Rest were the half yard fabrics I bought at our local quilt show.

When it came to quilting, I was stuck and din’t want to quilt the design given in the pattern. Finally ended up with some echo quilting.  Here is the finished quilting.


Finished with some colorful binding and hopefully my friend will like it :-). I hope she doesn’t look at the blog before I give this to her :-).

For Backing, I used Cotton and Steel fabric.


Here is the finished front:

–   dsc_0881-smalldsc_0865-small

I wish I added some antennae. But now that the quilt is done, I don’t want to spoil the look. Hope you will like this as much as I do :-). Thank you for dropping by.



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