Robert Kaufman Luxe Mystery Box Review

I am a beginner when it comes to quilting. Till now I made three quilts including one baby blanket, one t-shirt quilt and a baby quilt. Therefore I had no idea how to select fabrics and what kind of fabrics to select for one big quilt. I was looking for some quilt kit sales all over the internet. 
Back in September 2014, on Craftsy I found very attractive 70% off deals on selected mystery boxes of fabric quarter bundles and 1-yard cuts.  That’s how ended up in buying Robert Kaufman Luxe mystery box of 14 one-yard cuts for just $48.00. Before buying, I tried to Google to have a look at the collection of mystery boxes and could find only one blog which had different kind of fabrics (far east). That made me to post this blog so that beginners like me will have some idea of what might be inside LUXE mystery boxes.  Generally there will be different kind of fabrics like luxe, batiks, far east etc. That is a different story. 
Below is a picture of what was inside my box. 

These fabrics have deep colors and very rich prints. All fabrics have shiny golden colored works on them. Expert quilters might drool over theses fabrics but I was disappointed. After reading lots of quilting blogs and looking at quilting tutorials, I tend to like modern quilts with small prints. I am not a fan of big floral prints and brown colors.
Next time time I will make sure that I know what prints I am going to buy. 
This black Friday I bought a yummy fabric [ Riley Blake Lovey Dovey by Doodlebug Designs 1 Yard Bundle]. I am eagerly waiting for the bundle to arrive. Will come back with review of that fabric.

signing off for now,
Happy quilting/sewing/crafting,


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