Recycled T-Shirt

Hello There! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. weather is too cold in this Michigan. Tired of those negative temperatures:-(. Our snowman is standing tall from almost 3 weeks. Its funny to see how my 2 year old daughter treats it like a real person. She has to say hi and touch him every time we step out. She makes sure that he ate, slept and had bath too!
I wonder what will happen once he starts melting down!!!!!
Meanwhile I made a little sewing project. I made cute little pants from my old t-shirt with help of this tutorial from Craftygemini.
Here is my little model wearing the pants.
I am glad that she didn’t ask snowman to wear those pants!!!!!!!!!!
I am also doing a quilt-along project with Melissa Cory of happyquilting. Will update that in my next post.
There will always be good times and bad times. They will come and pass….be optimistic and cherish the good times.
Signing off for now,

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