Pajama pants and a Quilt-Along

Hope everyone had a great week. Winter is showing its wicked forms here in Michigan. Most of us are already dreading for some warm weather. We just wanted make use of our snow days and…ended up doing some goody good Indian snack (Chakkuli). My husband and kids finished it off in no time  :-)).

In the middle of this depressive weather and consecutive 2 snow days I kept myself busy with some sewing and a Quilt-Along projects.  I can’t believe myself that I sewed a pajama pant for my 7-year old :-)).
I am so excited and so as my 6 year old…. Isn’t it evident below??????:-))
Well…… there were quite a few poses!!!!!!!!
The Quilt Along project I mentioned earlier is about Irish Chain Quilt Along by Melissa of Happyquilting blog. You can find the link here.
This is the first time I am doing a Quilt A Long and it feels really good to be a part of it. Melissa is very good when it comes to leading this. She encourages everyone by commenting on every single picture!!!!!
I am doing a wall hanging of 30″X 30″ size. Here are some pictures:
week 1
week 2 (X-blocks)
week 3 (X-blocks)
week 3 (X-blocks)
week 3 (X-blocks)

If anyone is interested you can join in Melissa’s quilt along at anytime. I will update in this space how my final piece turned out to be.

Stay warm if you are in a cold place and Enjoy the weather if you are in a warmer place.
Meet you in the next post,

2 responses

  1. it is so fun to get to see all of your progress together 😉 Great job!!


  2. Thank you Melissa. You are a great inspiration!


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