T-Shirt Pillow Cover

How have you been doing? I was down with cold and cough last week and couldn’t do any sewing other than my QAL blocks. It was the best time to read some books and relax. 
This Monday my son came home saying that he had a read-in (same like pajama day) on Thursday. They can wear PJ’s and bring a blanket and a pillow to the school. There came the idea of doing a pillow cover of our own.  None of my fabrics looked fun for me. So I thought of digging through the t-shirts and there was the solution!!! I got 2 similar t-shirts and my son wanted both in the pillow cover.  I added some starch spray for stiffness while sewing. Later added some interfacing with both t-shirt layers to ease up with the sewing. Here they are when cut out:
I used crafty gemini’s envelope pillow cover tutorial. With the t-shirts and a matching red fabric, we had a pillow cover in a day :-)). 
I suggested him to take this pillow to the school with the T-shirt quilt I made a year ago. While I was trying to take a picture of the quilt and pillow together, there came the little trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!;-). She doesn’t give me a choice than loving her :-)). 

Next week I will come up with my quilt from the Quilt Along with Melissa. 
Until then be good 🙂


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