Iron Board Cover

From almost a year I am procrastinating this project – making my own Iron Board Cover. Finally I got the urge to do it and two days later we have a brand new cover.

I saw this pattern on Craftsy and started off with V-shaped strips. Then I realized lots of fabric would be wasted with this and stopped following the pattern and went on adding strips and pieces however I pleased :-). That is the beauty of NOT following a pattern :-))…. you can just have fun with your fabrics.

But somehow I needed help with finishing the cover (how to add elastics) and I followed my favorite quilter Melissa @ happy Quilting’s tutorial. You can find the link here.

Here is my finished cover:

I had to take the pictures outdoor as it was cloudy.

Somehow this cover reminds me of my old dress I had 14 years ago!!!! may be that’s how I came up with these color combinations.

Anyway I hope I will enjoy my pressing time better than I used to and keep on admiring my work. Got to go press some clothes ;-))…

Thanks for stopping by and until next time, be good 🙂



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