Some New and some old projects

Hello there,

It has been a while since I posted here. My kids are getting sick back to back and didn’t have much time to sit in front of the computer.

I was busy fixing up my son’s pants and some of my dresses. Here is the applique I did for my son’s pants.

His pants always rip in the knee part. Rest of the pants will be fine. I thought some animal applique would be more fun than the usual circle or rectangular patches. I assumed I was making a “sheep” until I stitched it up. Later my son said that it looked more like “yak” than the “sheep” :-(. He told everyone that it was yak :-)).  There were totally 4 sheep ;-). Somehow my 2 year old recognized it ….she said sheep right away :-))… what more than I want???;-).

Anyway I was happy that I tried something new. Next time I will come with some nice designs.

Currently I am working on two new projects. One table runner and a jeans picnic quilt. Here is the finished top for the table runner:

I used  “Moda Sewing Box By Gina Jelly Roll” for this project. My original design was different than I came up with at the end. First I planned for a block of four patches and the table top looked very busy with that design. Finally I ended up adding four blocks together to do a bigger block.  The prints in these fabric strips are beautiful and later I felt that I would have used longer strips than cutting them in squares. I always end up learning something new in my sewing process.

I haven’t decided what kind of backing and binding fabrics to use. Hopefully I will finish it up next week. I want to do some fun quilting on it for sure.

Here is the stack of my fabric cuttings for the picnic quilt. I am using up my son’d old shorts/pants and our old jeans. This process takes forever…looks like I will keep on cutting even after a month!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish summer doesn’t get over by the time I finish the quilt :-)).

That is it from my side now….

Enjoy the beautiful, sunny, springy weather.



2 responses

  1. The right one looks more like a cow than a yak . really beautiful stitching ( I really don’t know the exact word ) . creative 🙂


    1. Very nice to see doctors like art :-)..Thanks Vishu.


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