Finished Table Runner!!!!!!!!!

I apologize for not blogging for a long time. I was sick for almost 10 days and couldn’t do much sewing. Somehow without finishing this project I couldn’t move on.  Finally ended up finishing the quilting and binding on this table runner!!!!!!!!

Front side

For the first time I tried hand binding (backside) and boy!!!!!!….it is a lot of work. I usually sneak in to the sewing machine whenever I get 5 or 10 minutes. But hand binding took quite a long time and frequent interruptions didn’t help much.


Originally I planned some fun quilting on this. But some how my sore body didn’t cooperate much. So I did some straight line quilting with different colored threads throughout. I am pretty happy how it turned out :-)).


As usual, my photo session doesn’t end unless these two munchkins show up and run around with my work in their hand :-).

Well….. I got quite a dance show from them :-).

Meanwhile,  I tried some free motion quilting (FMQ) and it turned out okay. It is not as frightening as I thought ;-). I am still not comfortable in creating designs, but pebbles came out nicely. It gave me some courage to try and keep going with the FMQ.

That is it for this week. If you are interested in looking at quilts give yourself some time to look at Melissa’s blog. She uploaded wonderful quilt pictures from the quilt show.

Meet you in the next post….till then enjoy the spring!!!!!!!!



6 responses

  1. Archaea Prasad | Reply

    Very pretty Jyothi

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  2. I like your pattern, so pleasant to look at on any table. Nicely quilted too.

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  3. What a beautiful table runner! Love the binding and how the gray makes the colors pop.

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  4. that’s very pretty table runner!

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