Some WIP and Some Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!

Recently I am obsessed with rainbow colors in a quilt. So last month, when I  saw a very good sale on solids at Joann, l bought half yards of all rainbow colors.  Later I was worrying about the design I am going to with it. Meanwhile I signed up for an art and craft exhibition, which will be held DC and they allow only little wall hangings in that show. So I was focusing some design which could fit in a 15″ square. Then came the idea of lone star with rainbow colors in it.

Here is my work-in-progress:

Unstitched halves!!!!!!

I still haven’t decided the background fabric, backing or quilting. Hopefully I can come up with some ideas by the end of next week. Stay tuned!!!!!!

My son turned 7 last Sunday (May 31st). Every year for his birthday, I bake chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. But this time I thought anyway he will be cutting the cake 2 weeks after with his friends at his birthday party. So this time I wanted to celebrated it with simple Indian way by making his favorite sweet. He loves a simple home made sweet made with cracked wheat and it is very easy to prepare. Keeping that in mind I gave him the offer : “why don’t we celebrate your birthday the Indian way? I will make your favorite sweet. Go ahead and tell me what should I prepare?”. To my dismay, the answer was “how about the diamond sweet made with cashew? If you can’t prepare it, we can bring it from the store”. He was talking about cashew barfi and I completely forgot that it was his most favorite one :-(. I was little embarrassed to admit that I never had the courage to make that sweet. Being good at making desserts, I always thought that I could never make it. But him being the only person who calls me as “the best mommy in the world”, how could I say no?. Finally I told him that I would give it a try and if it doesn’t come out well, he should eat some other sweet I made. I looked one online video from khana kazana and it looked pretty clear and I tried it.

Final Consistency

Perfect Gift for the Birthday Boy

You don’t believe how good it came out!!!!!! It was indeed a very perfect looking cashew barfi and my son and husband devoured on it:-). His little sister and me were watching them with surprise!!!!!!! Finally I had to warn both of them that their tummy might get upset. In conclusion, I was very happy how it came out and I pronounced myself as not a bad cook after all :-).

Next week I will share with you my another passion- GARDENING :-)).

Till then be good,


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