Sewing Adventures!!!!!!!

Hello there,

Its been a while I blogged. I couldn’t blog any of my adventures as everyone in the family was falling sick one after the other.

I needed a white  kid’s saree for my daughter’s recital at her Sunday school. She got the part of goddess Saraswathi and she was supposed to wear white. Usually most children sarees are colorful and I couldn’t find any white sarees online. I had no other option than sewing a saree :-(. I was unable to find any online tutorials on that too (hopefully I will make one soon). So I borrowed someone else’s saree and had an idea of what it should look like and then voila!!!!!! the saree was ready in two days. I added some borders and bling to it.

Here is the saree I ended up with:

DSC_0901 sm

Here is my little angel with her cute little friends:


Little goddesses 🙂

Lately I’m so much  in to dressmaking. I am learning how to take body measurements and turn them in to patterns. A great youtube channel by Savi helped me a lot. It has all professional tips of dressmaking.

It is fun to experiment!!!!!!!Here is one of the tops I made with my body measurements. I made this top from ONE YARD piece from the Rabert Kauffman bundle, I bought more than a year ago. I had to add some blue fabric as I needed some main fabric for the sleeves. I got to practice piping, bias binding(same as our quilts) in this top. I am very glad that it came out perfect :-).  Please forgive the low quality picture:-).

DSC_0873sm  DSC_0892sm

I played around with some decorative stitches too.


My son wanted some other stitches too.


Yeah…he always wants to add some fun elements while I am sewing.

I sewed some pajama pants for my daughter (3yr old) and son (7 yr old).

DSC_0861 small

DSC_0865 small

My daughter was so excited about the “pocket” that she wanted to wear it as soon as I finished it. She was waiting so eagerly for me to finish it that she snatched it off of my hand :-). Feels good to have some fans in the house :-)).

Hope you are also making some sewing adventures like mine :-). Have fun!!!!!!!!!!

See you soon. Till then be good 🙂


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4 responses

  1. the girls look adorable, nicely sewn!


  2. Beautiful clothes, love your dress with the special stitches!


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