T-shirt Rug/Potholders

Hello there!!! Hope everyone is enjoying the spring. It’s nice to hear the birds chirping after such a long time :-).

I have been sewing dresses and they turned out perfect and stylish. But somehow didn’t feel like include it in the blog. Now I realize may be dressmaking is not my passion.

So it was time to go back to some other adventure!!!!!!!!!. Of course sewing a summer beach bag and a big quilt is in the line. But some urges come instantly :-). Don’t you agree???

Recently I was spring cleaning my closet and found too many t-shirts, which were not in a condition to donate. But I didn’t throw away those and let them sit for months in a landfill. So my very old thought of turning those in to a rug came in to action. I cut and braided 4 adult and 2 child t-shirts and started braiding.

IMG_20160501_125539021 small

IMG_20160501_132738498 small     IMG_20160502_225316381 small

I didn’t have the proper needle. I used ball point 75/11. But the stitches were skipping. I was in no mood to make a trip to the Joann and continued with the skipped stitches. It was little annoying… but it looked like a good design. But the rug was bubbling a little and started curling at the end. So I stopped the mat when it got 23″x 15″ (oval shape). The contours make feet fatigue free and My feet stopped complaining :-).  Using some non-slip strips to the end would make it more user-friendly.


Kitchen Rug

My original idea was a big rug and I had a long stretch of leftover braids. My old potholders were in a pretty bad shape. So I turned the remaining braids in to potholders and here they are:

DSC_0986 small

Pot Holders

I still have braids enough for one more potholder but I will get a new needle of heavy-duty size (ballpoint needle 90/14)  and give it a try. If I see that stitches are not skipping, I will definitely go tear up some more t-shirts :-).

At the end, I realized there was a pretty good tutorial for this rug making. Here is the link if you are interested in giving it a try.

What a good way to recycle/up-cycle the old t-shirts….don’t you think so???? So why wait………do some adventures!!!!!!!!!

Until next time, have fun 🙂


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