Quilt-Along Update and Paper Piecing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally I am done with the hardest part of our Quilt-Along – Making Drunkard’s Path (DP) Blocks. I finished cutting, pinning and sewing 144 little blocks!!!!! I guess some blocks ended up a little smaller. But I will deal with those pieces, next week. In the beginning those curved pieces were little frustrating. But after half way through I realized that they aren’t so bad. I felt little better by thinking that “it is like attaching sleeves to the dress (but lots of sleeves at a time!!!!!!!!!!!)”


Finally I am glad that I am in time for Melissa’s link-up!!!!!!! Here is the link for this quilt A long if you are interested.

To take my mind off of those frustrating curved pieces, I did some paper piecing too. This is the first time ever I tried paper piecing and it is amazing to get those sharp points. At the end I might have messed up the block a little bit by starching and ironing :-(. But I will finish this block and make a little wall hanging for sure.


Isn’t it pretty????

Thank you for stopping-by. Enjoy the rest of the summer/monsoon days :-).


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  1. happyquiltingmelissa | Reply

    They look fantastic!!! Way to get them all pieced up 😉 And I am so glad they got easier as you went along. 144 really takes the fear of curves out of you by the time you are done 😉 Great job!!!

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