Quilt Along Update

Phew…. that was a lot of sewing and pressing for the step 5 assignment. I am making a queen sized (3×3) quilt. It was a LOT of sewing and pressing for this step of the assignment. I loved the sewing part..but not so much the pressing part!!!!

I am done with all the sewing part. But pressed only 3 of those blocks so that I could blog about it before the deadline for Melissa’s link up. Also I don’t want to reveal the entire blocks yet 😉 (that sounds fancy….than saying I didn’t finish pressing those).

My blocks weren’t perfect…I didn’t stress over those imperfect corners….. But I love how well my hard work paid off and they look amazing.

 If you are interested in this Quilt Along, hosted by Melissa at Happy Quilting, You can still join and here is the link. You can hop over to her blog to see some other beautiful creations from all of the quilty friends :-).

I will comeback soon with the finished quilt top!!!!!!!can’t wait to show it off :-).

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  1. happyquiltingmelissa | Reply

    They indeed look absolutely amazing!!! So pretty!! And yes, it is a whole lot of sewing and pressing, way to get them all sewn up 😉 And I always like to watch a favorite movie while pressing a pile that big, makes it go by faster 😉 Great job on all of your beautiful points. Just fantastic!!

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