Finished Summer Solstice Quilt!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally I took my own sweet time to finish the quilt top I made at Melissa’s Quilt Along.
I blogged here for the finished quilt top.

For the background, I wanted to use a beautiful bird and butterfly fabric. But that was used in my son’s quilt and I had a small remnant of it. I ended up using a 6 yard fabric bought from JoAnn 2 years ago (to use as a background fabric but never used it). This was the time to use that fabric. Also, I wanted my quilting to show-off to feel myself better.  I used up all the remaining drunkard path (curved) blocks. My son wanted to be I asked him to come up with a design and here it is (the center row). I love his creativity when it comes to the color schemes. I used some of the printed fabrics to fill the gaps.

To have the wide enough backing, I used the remnants of my birds and butterflies fabric too.

When it came to threads, I couldn’t use red, which was coordinating with the top but was looking very bad over the light backing fabric. So I had to go with the milder multicolored thread. Which made me to be extra careful with the quilting. This is the second quilt I did using FMQ in My Juki TL 2010.


I wanted to participate in Melissa’s Quilt Along parade. So I hurriedly did stipples quilting all over.  I did get some sharp corners here and there, whenever my shoulders,face turned stiff, which was quite often ;-). Somehow I wanted to fancify (pretend its a real word ;-)) the borders. So I did some ugly swirls on the sides. Somehow they didn’t convince me and I ripped off all those quilting. Then decided not to participate in the parade.  Finally did the rain drop patterns- called choker pattern in the beads world – to the borders.

dsc_0687small dsc_0698small

Here is my pretty lady (hanging 90″x 90″ wide)quilted and bound :-). She is ready to be washed and used in my bedroom :-)).

dsc_0814small dsc_0834small


I badly needed my husband and some sunshine for the photo session. Unfortunately both were unavailable ;-). Hence not so good quality pictures.

Here is the “little man Behind (literally) the Quilt”, my 8 year old-always a big helper :-). And the little one (3 yr old) is going to the preschool 3 half days and hopefully more sewing time for me :-).

dsc_0801small dsc_0703small

Thank you for stopping by and you have a wonderful weekend :-).



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2 responses

  1. It’s a beautiful finish and you did a great job with the quilting.


    1. Thank you :-). I am very new at FMQ. But my Juki machine is super helpful!!!!!!


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