Dress Making

Hello there,

Hope you are keeping yourself warm in this cold weather. We already had one snow day here in Michigan!!!!!!! As much as many of them like this season, I can’t wait to get through this. Hence to keep myself away from depression, I am making lots of adventures in the dressmaking area.

I am experimenting on Indian clothing (Long skirt with blouse) for my soon to be 4 years old daughter. I was very apprehensive about my skills, but they turned out pretty good. I will be sharing few of those here.

Skirt and Blouse (This was made from my saree):

dsc_0039small dsc_0041small

lining top for the blouse:

dsc_0008-small dsc_0004small

Kurti top (up-cycled from my old top)


I also sewed pajama pants for both of my kids.


I will share some interesting projects soon.

dsc_0077small dsc_0084small

Hope you enjoy your winter till then ;-).



2 responses

  1. Wow…the dresses really look good..hope you are all doing fine Jyothi di…:)


    1. Thanks Ajitha. Waiting for some posts from you 🙂


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