Summer Dress in Winter!!!!!!!!!

Hello there,

Hope you celebrated your Christmas with your family and friends. My little one turned 4 on Christmas Day.


Few days before her birthday, she came with a purple fabric and demanded that she wanted a dress out of it. How could I say No for such a demand. I tried different combinations and ended up with pink and purple.

dsc_0223small  pink-purple-combi

For the first time ever, I created my own pattern and it turned out fabulous. I will be posting the tutorial very soon. Here is how the dress turned out:

dsc_0235-small dsc_0227-small

There she is:

dsc_0141small dsc_0151small

I sewed an Indian dress for myself too.

dsc_0208small dsc_0211small

Meanwhile, I had a sewing disaster too. I was suppose to sew a pant similar to leggings with a striped cotton fabric. The fabric came as a set with the above top. Since, it was supposed to cut on a bias edge, here is how it turned out to be :-)). A complete disaster!!!!!!!!.  I had to keep the fabrics separated for each leg while cutting.  No harms done… I will be wearing a plain white legging instead.


Hope your sewing adventures this year was amazing. My year was filled with lots of ups and downs. I am definitely trying to be a better person by leaving behind the negative past and carrying only the positive values with me.

I wish you a very happy new year filled with lots of happiness and peace. 



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2 responses

  1. What an adorable dress! I look forward to the tutorial.


    1. Thank you!!!!!!! I will definitely make the tutorial ASAP.


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