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Summer Dress in Winter!!!!!!!!!

Hello there,

Hope you celebrated your Christmas with your family and friends. My little one turned 4 on Christmas Day.


Few days before her birthday, she came with a purple fabric and demanded that she wanted a dress out of it. How could I say No for such a demand. I tried different combinations and ended up with pink and purple.

dsc_0223small  pink-purple-combi

For the first time ever, I created my own pattern and it turned out fabulous. I will be posting the tutorial very soon. Here is how the dress turned out:

dsc_0235-small dsc_0227-small

There she is:

dsc_0141small dsc_0151small

I sewed an Indian dress for myself too.

dsc_0208small dsc_0211small

Meanwhile, I had a sewing disaster too. I was suppose to sew a pant similar to leggings with a striped cotton fabric. The fabric came as a set with the above top. Since, it was supposed to cut on a bias edge, here is how it turned out to be :-)). A complete disaster!!!!!!!!.  I had to keep the fabrics separated for each leg while cutting.  No harms done… I will be wearing a plain white legging instead.


Hope your sewing adventures this year was amazing. My year was filled with lots of ups and downs. I am definitely trying to be a better person by leaving behind the negative past and carrying only the positive values with me.

I wish you a very happy new year filled with lots of happiness and peace. 



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Dress Making

Hello there,

Hope you are keeping yourself warm in this cold weather. We already had one snow day here in Michigan!!!!!!! As much as many of them like this season, I can’t wait to get through this. Hence to keep myself away from depression, I am making lots of adventures in the dressmaking area.

I am experimenting on Indian clothing (Long skirt with blouse) for my soon to be 4 years old daughter. I was very apprehensive about my skills, but they turned out pretty good. I will be sharing few of those here.

Skirt and Blouse (This was made from my saree):

dsc_0039small dsc_0041small

lining top for the blouse:

dsc_0008-small dsc_0004small

Kurti top (up-cycled from my old top)


I also sewed pajama pants for both of my kids.


I will share some interesting projects soon.

dsc_0077small dsc_0084small

Hope you enjoy your winter till then ;-).


T-shirt summer Dress and Some Pouches

After my last adventure with t-shirts, I wanted to make use of hardly worn t-shirts. Then came the idea of turning it in to little girls summer dress.  That’s when I remembered this post from craftygemini.  In her tutorial, Venessa used knit fabrics. I used t-shirts instead. It came out very well. My daughter (3yr old) never wears the dresses I sew. She likes only knits. She wore this dress for 2 days straight, until some juice spill on it :-)).

DSC_0013small DSC_0017small

Here she is in her new avatar!!!!!!

DSC_0046small Inchi collage small

A tip while sewing with knits: Use a leader cloth in front of your knit fabric being sewn. That helps to avoid the feed dogs from eating your fabric!!!!!!

I also made some pouches, pouches and pouches :-D.


When I was in college I used to carry a leather purse with 2 zippers. It was very convenient to keep pens/pencils and money separate. I always wanted to make some on my own. Last week,  I stumbled across this youtube channel by Japanese Sewing Books YouTube channel and found a direct and simple way of making the same exact pouch I used to have. Right away I started with it.

DSC_0060small DSC_0066small

Only changes I made were adding interfacing to the main fabric and playing with zipper lengths. The pouch gets some body with one interfacing to the outermost piece.  But then my daughter wanted a pouch for herself. She came with a material of her choice and we ended up with this nice pencil pouch :-).


That’s all for this week. Hope you had some fun sewing too. THANK YOU for stopping by. Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you with my next post. Until then be Happy 🙂



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T-shirt Rug/Potholders

Hello there!!! Hope everyone is enjoying the spring. It’s nice to hear the birds chirping after such a long time :-).

I have been sewing dresses and they turned out perfect and stylish. But somehow didn’t feel like include it in the blog. Now I realize may be dressmaking is not my passion.

So it was time to go back to some other adventure!!!!!!!!!. Of course sewing a summer beach bag and a big quilt is in the line. But some urges come instantly :-). Don’t you agree???

Recently I was spring cleaning my closet and found too many t-shirts, which were not in a condition to donate. But I didn’t throw away those and let them sit for months in a landfill. So my very old thought of turning those in to a rug came in to action. I cut and braided 4 adult and 2 child t-shirts and started braiding.

IMG_20160501_125539021 small

IMG_20160501_132738498 small     IMG_20160502_225316381 small

I didn’t have the proper needle. I used ball point 75/11. But the stitches were skipping. I was in no mood to make a trip to the Joann and continued with the skipped stitches. It was little annoying… but it looked like a good design. But the rug was bubbling a little and started curling at the end. So I stopped the mat when it got 23″x 15″ (oval shape). The contours make feet fatigue free and My feet stopped complaining :-).  Using some non-slip strips to the end would make it more user-friendly.


Kitchen Rug

My original idea was a big rug and I had a long stretch of leftover braids. My old potholders were in a pretty bad shape. So I turned the remaining braids in to potholders and here they are:

DSC_0986 small

Pot Holders

I still have braids enough for one more potholder but I will get a new needle of heavy-duty size (ballpoint needle 90/14)  and give it a try. If I see that stitches are not skipping, I will definitely go tear up some more t-shirts :-).

At the end, I realized there was a pretty good tutorial for this rug making. Here is the link if you are interested in giving it a try.

What a good way to recycle/up-cycle the old t-shirts….don’t you think so???? So why wait………do some adventures!!!!!!!!!

Until next time, have fun 🙂


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Sewing Adventures!!!!!!!

Hello there,

Its been a while I blogged. I couldn’t blog any of my adventures as everyone in the family was falling sick one after the other.

I needed a white  kid’s saree for my daughter’s recital at her Sunday school. She got the part of goddess Saraswathi and she was supposed to wear white. Usually most children sarees are colorful and I couldn’t find any white sarees online. I had no other option than sewing a saree :-(. I was unable to find any online tutorials on that too (hopefully I will make one soon). So I borrowed someone else’s saree and had an idea of what it should look like and then voila!!!!!! the saree was ready in two days. I added some borders and bling to it.

Here is the saree I ended up with:

DSC_0901 sm

Here is my little angel with her cute little friends:


Little goddesses 🙂

Lately I’m so much  in to dressmaking. I am learning how to take body measurements and turn them in to patterns. A great youtube channel by Savi helped me a lot. It has all professional tips of dressmaking.

It is fun to experiment!!!!!!!Here is one of the tops I made with my body measurements. I made this top from ONE YARD piece from the Rabert Kauffman bundle, I bought more than a year ago. I had to add some blue fabric as I needed some main fabric for the sleeves. I got to practice piping, bias binding(same as our quilts) in this top. I am very glad that it came out perfect :-).  Please forgive the low quality picture:-).

DSC_0873sm  DSC_0892sm

I played around with some decorative stitches too.


My son wanted some other stitches too.


Yeah…he always wants to add some fun elements while I am sewing.

I sewed some pajama pants for my daughter (3yr old) and son (7 yr old).

DSC_0861 small

DSC_0865 small

My daughter was so excited about the “pocket” that she wanted to wear it as soon as I finished it. She was waiting so eagerly for me to finish it that she snatched it off of my hand :-). Feels good to have some fans in the house :-)).

Hope you are also making some sewing adventures like mine :-). Have fun!!!!!!!!!!

See you soon. Till then be good 🙂


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Quilted Laptop Cover

This week I got time to go through my “to do” list and the most tempting and needed project was to make a laptop cover. Our laptop was kept on the table without any covers. I was feeling very guilty to keep anything on top of it.  I found this tutorial from “beautiful mess” in my book marks, which I saved a couple of months ago and decided to follow it.

I used Robert Kaufman print for both lining and top and used fleece material for the sandwich.

DSC_0464 sma

If you are reading my blog for the first time, I am a beginner (or intermediate I would say) when it comes to sewing or quilting and I am terrified of free motion quilting (FMQ). It was time to start learning FMQ at any cost to call myself a quilter ;-). Fortunately my favorite online tutor Vanessa (craftygemini blog) started weekly FMQ tutorial and I got to experiment it on this project!!!!!!!!

DSC_0522 SM

To my surprise, it didn’t take that long to get the hang of it and I could do it pretty fast!!!!!!

Well there is my pretty lady, who didn’t let me take the picture of the quilted piece alone :-)…

DSC_0484 small

For the first time, I used biased binding. I made my own biased tape. The binding was not perfect, but I could take that.  Finally here is my finished piece.

DSC_0517 SM

DSC_0537 sm

Only change I would make in this tutorial is not to keep 2 inches space on the sides. It is too roomy….I would go for an inch or so.  Since we don’t carry the laptop with this cover, I didn’t take the pain to re-do it.

DSC_0529 sm

You can modify the tutorial to add straps on the sides if you are planning to carry this bag along with you.

Meanwhile I took a 6 weeks online class on managing the WordPress blog. The class was fabulous and I learnt a lot (of course all in the 12th week…as usual I did the crash course myself and studied everything just before giving the test :-)). I applied whatever I learnt in that class here in this blog. I selected the user/mobile friendly theme and set up navigation bars to make it look more like website. I want to know my readers opinion about it… Please drop in your comments, whether you like my blog or not… What part of it would you liked to be changed….
If you like to read my posts, please feel free to subscribe, for which you don’t have to pay (I heard somebody talking about it…..that’s why I mentioned it). No one else will see your e-mail, except me. You will get an email update each time I publish a new post. It will save some of your time too:-).

Catch you in my next adventure….till then be good 🙂



Churn Dash Pillow Cover

This week I didn’t have plans of posting anything on my blog as I did not have any finished sewing project. I was working on the jeans(pants/shorts) quilt and did lot of cutting and chain stitching…..


I was relieved that I didn’t have to sneak in to the computer as my kids always bother me when I upload pictures or start blogging. We are planning a road trip next week and I thought I would focus on that. But then came the thought that our travel pillows are badly in need of covers. So I decided to do some pillow covers. While going through through my orphan blocks, I found this churn-dash block and decided to do a pillow cover using that.



It didn’t take that long to finish the envelope pillow cover. I used the same method as I did last time using Venessa’s (Craftygemini) video tutorial. This time I didn’t have to look at the tutorial. Some times I feel good that I am becoming an expert in some areas of sewing ;-). I am planning to sew two more covers by tomorrow. Here is the finished pillow cover for this week:










Finally… lighten up your mood by looking at these lovely flowers of my garden 🙂 :















Aren’t they beautiful? Hope your day turns out as beautiful as that.

Meet you in the next post…till then have fun 🙂

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Some New and some old projects

Hello there,

It has been a while since I posted here. My kids are getting sick back to back and didn’t have much time to sit in front of the computer.

I was busy fixing up my son’s pants and some of my dresses. Here is the applique I did for my son’s pants.

His pants always rip in the knee part. Rest of the pants will be fine. I thought some animal applique would be more fun than the usual circle or rectangular patches. I assumed I was making a “sheep” until I stitched it up. Later my son said that it looked more like “yak” than the “sheep” :-(. He told everyone that it was yak :-)).  There were totally 4 sheep ;-). Somehow my 2 year old recognized it ….she said sheep right away :-))… what more than I want???;-).

Anyway I was happy that I tried something new. Next time I will come with some nice designs.

Currently I am working on two new projects. One table runner and a jeans picnic quilt. Here is the finished top for the table runner:

I used  “Moda Sewing Box By Gina Jelly Roll” for this project. My original design was different than I came up with at the end. First I planned for a block of four patches and the table top looked very busy with that design. Finally I ended up adding four blocks together to do a bigger block.  The prints in these fabric strips are beautiful and later I felt that I would have used longer strips than cutting them in squares. I always end up learning something new in my sewing process.

I haven’t decided what kind of backing and binding fabrics to use. Hopefully I will finish it up next week. I want to do some fun quilting on it for sure.

Here is the stack of my fabric cuttings for the picnic quilt. I am using up my son’d old shorts/pants and our old jeans. This process takes forever…looks like I will keep on cutting even after a month!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish summer doesn’t get over by the time I finish the quilt :-)).

That is it from my side now….

Enjoy the beautiful, sunny, springy weather.


Iron Board Cover

From almost a year I am procrastinating this project – making my own Iron Board Cover. Finally I got the urge to do it and two days later we have a brand new cover.

I saw this pattern on Craftsy and started off with V-shaped strips. Then I realized lots of fabric would be wasted with this and stopped following the pattern and went on adding strips and pieces however I pleased :-). That is the beauty of NOT following a pattern :-))…. you can just have fun with your fabrics.

But somehow I needed help with finishing the cover (how to add elastics) and I followed my favorite quilter Melissa @ happy Quilting’s tutorial. You can find the link here.

Here is my finished cover:

I had to take the pictures outdoor as it was cloudy.

Somehow this cover reminds me of my old dress I had 14 years ago!!!! may be that’s how I came up with these color combinations.

Anyway I hope I will enjoy my pressing time better than I used to and keep on admiring my work. Got to go press some clothes ;-))…

Thanks for stopping by and until next time, be good 🙂


T-Shirt Pillow Cover

How have you been doing? I was down with cold and cough last week and couldn’t do any sewing other than my QAL blocks. It was the best time to read some books and relax. 
This Monday my son came home saying that he had a read-in (same like pajama day) on Thursday. They can wear PJ’s and bring a blanket and a pillow to the school. There came the idea of doing a pillow cover of our own.  None of my fabrics looked fun for me. So I thought of digging through the t-shirts and there was the solution!!! I got 2 similar t-shirts and my son wanted both in the pillow cover.  I added some starch spray for stiffness while sewing. Later added some interfacing with both t-shirt layers to ease up with the sewing. Here they are when cut out:
I used crafty gemini’s envelope pillow cover tutorial. With the t-shirts and a matching red fabric, we had a pillow cover in a day :-)). 
I suggested him to take this pillow to the school with the T-shirt quilt I made a year ago. While I was trying to take a picture of the quilt and pillow together, there came the little trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!;-). She doesn’t give me a choice than loving her :-)). 

Next week I will come up with my quilt from the Quilt Along with Melissa. 
Until then be good 🙂