Finished Summer Solstice Quilt!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally I took my own sweet time to finish the quilt top I made at Melissa’s Quilt Along.
I blogged here for the finished quilt top.

For the background, I wanted to use a beautiful bird and butterfly fabric. But that was used in my son’s quilt and I had a small remnant of it. I ended up using a 6 yard fabric bought from JoAnn 2 years ago (to use as a background fabric but never used it). This was the time to use that fabric. Also, I wanted my quilting to show-off to feel myself better.  I used up all the remaining drunkard path (curved) blocks. My son wanted to be I asked him to come up with a design and here it is (the center row). I love his creativity when it comes to the color schemes. I used some of the printed fabrics to fill the gaps.

To have the wide enough backing, I used the remnants of my birds and butterflies fabric too.

When it came to threads, I couldn’t use red, which was coordinating with the top but was looking very bad over the light backing fabric. So I had to go with the milder multicolored thread. Which made me to be extra careful with the quilting. This is the second quilt I did using FMQ in My Juki TL 2010.


I wanted to participate in Melissa’s Quilt Along parade. So I hurriedly did stipples quilting all over.  I did get some sharp corners here and there, whenever my shoulders,face turned stiff, which was quite often ;-). Somehow I wanted to fancify (pretend its a real word ;-)) the borders. So I did some ugly swirls on the sides. Somehow they didn’t convince me and I ripped off all those quilting. Then decided not to participate in the parade.  Finally did the rain drop patterns- called choker pattern in the beads world – to the borders.

dsc_0687small dsc_0698small

Here is my pretty lady (hanging 90″x 90″ wide)quilted and bound :-). She is ready to be washed and used in my bedroom :-)).

dsc_0814small dsc_0834small


I badly needed my husband and some sunshine for the photo session. Unfortunately both were unavailable ;-). Hence not so good quality pictures.

Here is the “little man Behind (literally) the Quilt”, my 8 year old-always a big helper :-). And the little one (3 yr old) is going to the preschool 3 half days and hopefully more sewing time for me :-).

dsc_0801small dsc_0703small

Thank you for stopping by and you have a wonderful weekend :-).



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Finished QAL Quilt Top!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally!!!!!!!!! we are at the final stage of Happy Quilting Melissa’s Quilt-A-Long.

Its here….the quilt top I was dreaming of. I was apprehensive about my selection of background fabric…bright red. Once we started piecing, I was repenting that I would have used some other colors. I had to go with it because already 6 yards of that fabric was cut :-). But once all the blocks were put together…it looked awesomy…awesome :-))). I know..Doesn’t it look great?????


The picture isn’t that great. I am saving the good quality pictures for the final post in this Quilt Along.

A huge thanks to Melissa as it is not easy to do tutorials. It hogs up a lot of your time and she is very patient in responding to all the posts and comments. I am so glad that I went with a queen size and I can’t wait to practice my newly learnt FMQ skills all over it. Hop on to Melissa’s blog to look at some other gorgeous quilt tops HERE.

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Quilt Along Update

Phew…. that was a lot of sewing and pressing for the step 5 assignment. I am making a queen sized (3×3) quilt. It was a LOT of sewing and pressing for this step of the assignment. I loved the sewing part..but not so much the pressing part!!!!

I am done with all the sewing part. But pressed only 3 of those blocks so that I could blog about it before the deadline for Melissa’s link up. Also I don’t want to reveal the entire blocks yet 😉 (that sounds fancy….than saying I didn’t finish pressing those).

My blocks weren’t perfect…I didn’t stress over those imperfect corners….. But I love how well my hard work paid off and they look amazing.

 If you are interested in this Quilt Along, hosted by Melissa at Happy Quilting, You can still join and here is the link. You can hop over to her blog to see some other beautiful creations from all of the quilty friends :-).

I will comeback soon with the finished quilt top!!!!!!!can’t wait to show it off :-).

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Quilt-Along Update and Paper Piecing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally I am done with the hardest part of our Quilt-Along – Making Drunkard’s Path (DP) Blocks. I finished cutting, pinning and sewing 144 little blocks!!!!! I guess some blocks ended up a little smaller. But I will deal with those pieces, next week. In the beginning those curved pieces were little frustrating. But after half way through I realized that they aren’t so bad. I felt little better by thinking that “it is like attaching sleeves to the dress (but lots of sleeves at a time!!!!!!!!!!!)”


Finally I am glad that I am in time for Melissa’s link-up!!!!!!! Here is the link for this quilt A long if you are interested.

To take my mind off of those frustrating curved pieces, I did some paper piecing too. This is the first time ever I tried paper piecing and it is amazing to get those sharp points. At the end I might have messed up the block a little bit by starching and ironing :-(. But I will finish this block and make a little wall hanging for sure.


Isn’t it pretty????

Thank you for stopping-by. Enjoy the rest of the summer/monsoon days :-).


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Summer Quilt Finished!!!!!!!!!!

Hello there,

Hope everyone is withstanding the summer heat/monsoon rain.

Finally I got some time to do my part of my 8 year old SON’s project – quilting and binding. Here is the finished quilt – front and Back. The finished quilt turned out to be approximately 63″x63″ perfect size for his LEGO building.  The backing looks so beautiful with birds, flowers, butterflies and dragonflies prints. We used “Susan Winget’s Birds of a feather Scenic” fabric.

DSC_0502small DSC_0504small

Since I couldn’t do free motion quilting (FMQ) using my regular thread with my Juki TL-2010 sewing machine, I had to buy quilting thread. So I wanted to buy neutral colored quilting thread to hide my hideous quilting LOL!!!! :-). But interestingly, my son insisted on using the bright rainbow colored thread spool. I used 50 wt cotton clarks and coats, the only available brand for quilting threads at our local Jo-Ann. This is my FIRST EVER FMQ project. The machine is very smooth and I could do the FMQ very confidently!!!!

DSC_0535 small

I did (practiced) some spirals and meandering stitches. Whenever I hit those lighter blocks, I was little nervous and was getting some sharp corners. Seriously…it looks like a child’s doodling. But anyway it is a child’s project :-). Hopefully I will get better in my upcoming projects.

DSC_0512small DSC_0515small

My son was very happy and amused with the texture of the final quilt.


Here they are – maker of the quilt and admirer of the quilt (little one).


Very proud moment for my son to show off his quilt to everyone…hopefully he will have many more of these moments :-).

Thank you for stopping by. You have a wonderful weekend 🙂


Quilt Along Step-3

Hello there,

Finally got some time to blog.  As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I am participating in a  quilt along hosted by Melissa at Happy Quilting.  Our step -3 of the summer Solstice Quilt Along is Half Square Triangles.

I was dreaded of half Square triangles after my last project of Big star quilt, which had lots of half square triangles. At that time, I learnt that half square triangles are not that fun if you don’t have proper tools. I had only two rulers  at the time (6″ x 24″ and 2″x 14″). It was a hassle to square up those 5″ blocks. At that time I decided that I would never start a new project without proper tools.

This time, having 91/2″ square ruler (Omnigrid) made my job much much easier. I finished trimming 216 blocks in 2 afternoons. I don’t remember how many times I thanked myself for buying that ruler :-)).  (By the way, I got it at 50% clearance at Walmart!!!).


Well…We have only one more set of blocks to finish this quilt. Can’t wait to do Drunkards Path blocks, which will be posted this week on Thursday in Melissa’s blog. Hopefully, it will be challenging. If you are interested in this quilt along, please visit her blog – happy quilting here.

Thank you for dropping by. I will be back with more new posts about my son’s finished quilt and a quilt show at Ann Arbor-Michigan. Until then be good 🙂


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Summer Quilt top- finished

This week my sewing machine was little busy. Last month, soon after turning 8, my son asked me if he could work on some summer project with my sewing machine. I was very glad, thinking that I could get rid off a  bundle of half yard fabrics I bought 2 years ago at Joann. So I gave him the option of making a quilt for his play area or a tote bag. I was very glad that he picked a quilt. He selected the fabrics. I helped with cutting, pinning and pressing.


But it was hard to refrain myself from suggesting when he was deciding the lay out :-). It feels very uneasy when they leave same colors nearby. But I definitely did a good job in that area (after he reminded that its his project!!!!) ;-).  Here is the finished quilt top.



We are having a hard time on picking the background fabric. He has eye on my butterfly fabric and I was holding on to that to use for my new Quilt Along project. But I think I have to give-in. Let him enjoy his summer project after all!!!!!

I will soon update with his completed quilt. I am definitely planning to practice my newly learnt free motion skills on it.

Also, I have these beautiful flowers in my garden.

DSC_0437small DSC_0440small

This was planted by the previous home owner. But they look so beautiful. I am very curious to know the name of this flower. If any of you know what it is I REQUEST you to leave the comment with its name.

Thank you for stopping by. You have a great weekend 🙂


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Quilt Along Week 2

Hello there,

This summer is crazy for sure!!!!!!!! summer vacation is making me end up with sore feet every night :-(. It has been couple of days since I finished 2nd week’s assignment of Melissa’s Quilt along – Flying Geese blocks. Finally I got some time to sit in front of the desktop.

I will be doing a queen size [3×3 (28″ blocks)] quilt.  Here are the flying geese units, totally 72 of those.


Whom am I kidding???? I should not take all the credits. I had a wonderful helper ;-), who cut all those chain stitches.


Also my new high speed Juki is finishing the job super fast!!!!!!

If you are interested in to joining this quilt along, hop on to Melissa’s bog here.

Thanks for dropping by,


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Quilt Along – Fabric Cutting

Hello there,

Hope most of them are enjoying their summer break. If not, the lovely monsoon season :-).

I have joined a summer solstice quilt along with Melissa at Happy Quilting.  It is a nice feeling to quilt virtually with lots of other people. Thank you Melissa for hosting :-).

It was little hard to pick the fabrics. Then I had this beautiful half yard bundles from Intrepid Threads I won last year at Melissa’s quilt along.


I will be doing a queen size quilt with 3×3 blocks (28″). Sharper new blade for the rotary cutter is very helpful and my new Omnigrid ruler is awesome!!!!!!!! they are so non slippery than Fiskars rulers. Half yard of each printed fabric was enough to cut all the pieces. I still have some left overs. Background fabric was little tight as Melissa mentioned. I had to buy some more!!!!!!(I know….I made some errors 😀 ).

I selected dark red as the background fabric. Hopefully the printed fabrics will pop up. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Now that the fabrics are all cut up here they are:


I can’t wait to see all these come together. They are so badly waiting to be sewed together in my new Juki TL 2010 machine 🙂 (or is it me?????).

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Will catch you next time with my new sewing machine review. Until then be good 🙂


Zippered Handbag – A TUTORIAL

I can’t explain you how much I was itching to do some quilting. So the idea came to do a quilted handbag with zipper.

Every time I made a pouch, I wanted to make handbag with similar zipper. Usually bag zippers are attached to the lining and not to the main body. Somehow my idea was attach zipper to the main body including lining. Now that I am experienced enough to do any kind of adventures, this time I wanted to go ahead with that old thought.

This is the first time ever I tried to do a tutorial. So please bear with me. My main intention for this tutorial is to show you how to add zipper to the main body of the bag. That’s why I didn’t include small steps like adding pockets. However I added helpful links from other tutorials (very good ones) if you are interested.

As my sewing machine didn’t cooperate much, I was not in a position to take too many pictures while sewing.  My stitches weren’t picture perfect. Because of the skipped stitches, I had to double stitch many places. I wouldn’t call it a complete tutorial. But I have made some attempts to make it clear how to make this bag.


I hope you know how to make a zippered pouch. If not, refer to very nice tutorials by Jenny at Missouri Start Quilt Co. or Crafty Gemini, or Melanie Ham. The basic idea for this bag is exactly the same.

Materials Needed:

Main Fabric – Nearly 1 yard (I used two colors (Red and green) half yard each). It will be used for straps and pockets.

Heavy weight Interfacing I used  Pellon 50 Heavy Weight stabilizer sew on interfacing to do some quilting. If you want to skip this step, use adhesive interfacing. Heavy-weight interfacing is better as it gives the bag some body. I didn’t add batting to avoid it being very bulky.

Lining Fabric – Half Yard material of your choice. I used cotton fabrics throughout.

Zipper – Same (or 1 inch less) length as of the width of the bag -I used 15″ length – I used zipper from my daughters old sleeper(Hooray for reusing!!!)


I cut 6 strips of 2.5″ width of fabric from both colors and stitched those together alternatively to get a piece of approximately 25″x15.5″. Cut the lining fabric of same dimensions.



I quilted the main fabric in to the sew on interfacing. If you have stick-on interfacing, you can skip quilting. You can do some stitches to give the body some quilted looks. I used the regular presser  foot for this step.

DSC_0130sm DSC_0131sm


Prepare your zipper with tabs at the end. All the above mentioned tutorials will give you clear guidance of how to do that.

Prepare your handles with the same interfacing or batting (for thicker handles). I prepared two 52″ handles. I found out the problem with my machine at this step and completely forgot to take pictures.  Instructions to this step can be used from any tote bag tutorials like this. You can use the lining fabric too (its your project) for the handles.


Decide how many pockets and where do you want them to be. I decided that inside the lining fabric I needed one pocket with a zipper and another one without zipper. I referred to this tutorial from Melissa @ Happy Quilting for the zippered pocket inside the lining. 

Zipper for the pocket was 5.5″ long and I used 6″x 6″ square pieces.

DSC_0151sm DSC_0147sm

For the other lining pocket, I cut around 9″X 6″ rectangle pieces. I gave slight folding while stitching that in to the place to give some wiggle room for my wallet.

DSC_0142sm   DSC_0139sm

I prepared and kept one more pocket to add outside the bag (6″x 6″).



I cut the main fabric and the lining in to half (make sure to measure twice before this step) and trimmed all 4 pieces in to the same size (in my case it was around 15″x 12.5″).  

Attach the handles to the main fabric as shown in the picture.  Make sure to  leave (not to stitch) around 1-2″ from the top edge of the main fabric. Make sure to add the prepared pocket in between the handles. If you don’t know how to do this step, Please refer to this video.

 DSC_0156sm                     DSC_0166 (500x477)

I am sorry for those little heads and hands peaking in between :-))…what to do??? I can’t avoid those interruptions :-).


Now gather all 4 pieces and prepare to sew the zipper. As any other zipper pouch, first lay the main fabric facing pretty side up, lay the zipper, wrong side facing up, lining fabric wrong side facing UP. Now double check that all pretty sides are touching each other , while making sure that handles are out of the way. now stitch along the top side (marked) using a zipper foot if you have one. I used the regular foot though. Gather everything together away from the zipper. 


STEP 7:  

Repeat Step 6, now considering the step 6 unit as zipper. Pretty side of the second main fabric facing up, step 6 unit’s wrong side facing up, second lining fabric’s wrong side facing up sew along the top edge. [Make sure to keep handles out of the way]. 

I used my little dress maker machine for all these steps and it didn’t give very good stitches. I had to double stitch couple of times. That’s why I didn’t take pictures. Now, I wish pictures would have helped.

STEP 8:  

Now while keeping the zipper open, gather lining fabrics to one side of the zipper and the main fabric to the other side. While preparing to sew around the edges, make sure handles are tucked in and zipper is open. Zipper teeth should be facing towards the lining.  Make 4-5″ long opening at the lining bottom and sew around the edges, with 1/2″ seam allowance. Make sure to double stitch, which will make the bag secure.

After this step, I boxed the corners. I needed 4″ width at the bottom. So I measured 2″ from each corner (as you do with any tote bags) and sewed 4 triangles at all corners.

DSC_0173 sm

Black arrow in the picture shows the opening space.


Now trim all edges and extra threads and turn the bag inside out….. ta da… you bag is ready :-). Finish the lining bottom with machine or hand. If I had the proper machine, I would have sewn along top edge, while making sure the handles are attached nice and neat and to make sure the lining is in place. But it has to wait until it gets fixed or until my new machine arrives. This little bag is nice and neat as it is.

Finished dimensions are approximately 14.5″ wide and 11.5″ tall (from top to bottom seam) with 4″ bottom width.

DSC_0338sm DSC_0329sm


Hope this will help someone somewhere in the world. Thank you for stopping by. Drop in your comments, if you gave it a try :-).

One more news!!!!!!!!! My new JUKI TL 2010Q will be at my door step any time by now :-))))))

Be good and be happy until my next post 🙂


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