Growing up QAL – Hand Embroidery(April)

Hello there,

Hope you are enjoying the spring :-). I for sure enjoy the sight of  birds chirping, tulips blooming, trees slowly turning greener, different colors of the spring.

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I am doing a QAL with Alida @

Our task for the month of April is Hand Embroidery. I grew up with my sisters doing hand embroidery. But that art never fascinated me. I never felt like giving it a try.

For the first time, I tried hand embroidery. I realized that there is an amazing world out there. I didn’t even know that we had to separate the strands of embroidery floss!!!! Thanks to Alida for this task. Even though I felt like this is too time consuming, I enjoyed trying different stitches. May be a smaller design will be helpful for beginners like me to avoid frustrations.

Here is my finished work :

Due to the space constraint, I reduced the picture size. If you want to zoom and see please feel free to visit our Flickr group.

Also, In my last months quilt along, I won a gift card of $40/- from Mad About Patchworks shop. Thanks to both Alida and Pam. Pam from the shop is very good at communication and shipment. Here is the fat quarter bundle (Wander bundle) and mini charm squares (Dessert Blooms) I ordered from her shop.

I am already dreaming of a design for a new baby quilt. We have a baby coming soon in the family. My brother-in Law and his wife are expecting the baby in less than 2 weeks and he/she will receive the quilt made by this fabric :-).

Hope you have wonderful weekend 🙂


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2 responses

  1. When I started embroidery I didn’t know about separating the strands either! That’s where youtube tutorials really help! I am happy that you gave it a try and I would have never imagined that this was your first time! Don’t forget that if you are getting frustrated with something you can take some creative freedom and remove from the design elements that take too much time or effort 🙂 that’s how I practice at the beginning! Thanks for being part of the QAL (and for sharing what you bought with your prize… beautiful fabric!!)


    1. Thank you Alida for your nice comments. I am doing the simple version of your second design:-).


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