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Fabric basket

Hello there,

I just wanted to share the fabric basket I made this week. I found so many tutorials for fabric baskets. Here is the one I made it from: 

The only change I made to this pattern is I added medium weight interfacing to the lining and Heavy weight sew-in interfacing to the exterior fabric.

I selected the same fabric for lining and exterior.


Here is the finished basket, which is 4.5″ in depth and 5.5″width. It will fit nicely into my IKEA dresser :-).

dsc_0329small dsc_0330small

Hope you had a fabulous week too :-).



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Three little Pouches :-)

It was a week of relaxed sewing for me. I didn’t want to get in to any of my quilting projects. All of a sudden I had the urge to sew pouches.

This time, dealing with zippers (using zipper foot) was the icing on the cake. I made all three pouches super fast!!!!!!










I used Riley Blakes fabrics for the pink/purple pouches. Orange fabrics was a fat quarter I had in my stash.

I did another recycling (or up-cycled as some people say) project! My husband’s T-shirt was lying around from quite some time and he didn’t want to get rid of it. I thought may be he could look at it for some more time if I my son wears it ;-). So I made shorts out of it. Here it is:













Finally Hi from my lovely roses :-). There are so many buds!!!!!!!!!!!









That’s it for this week….Thanks for stopping by. Catch you next week :-).


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Quilted Tote bag and QAL blocks

Hello there,
How did your week go? I had a very busy week last week and didn’t get to any sewing until Friday. I finished my quilt blocks from QAL with Melissa. Though the blocks didn’t come out to be perfect, I was okay with “wonky” blocks :-). I forgot to line up the pieces while adding the center strip….as a result 3 of the 4 blocks came out wonky. Since it didn’t bother me much, I didn’t redo those.

One more block to go and will be done with all the blocks this week.

My son (1st grader) goes to an ACAT (Academically talented program for gifted kids)school. In their library/media day, they have the choice of borrowing 10 books for 2 weeks. My son gets excited every Friday morning and comes to the pick up lane dragging his legs complaining how heavy the backpack is  ….  I have to get out of the car to help him out and it disrupts the pick-up system. Now a days he started to limit the selection of his books as he cannot carry too many books. I didn’t like the idea of him compromising about the books. I was thinking of a solution for this problem and suggested him to carry the tote bag we have at home. Some of them were too big on him and some were too delicate to carry his books…..hence the idea came to make our own tote bag.

Being a thrifty spender, I piled up all of our unused jackets and the only material caught up my eyes was my husbands huge jeans shirt which he rarely wore. When I cut up the shirt I was little short of the material and ended up with combining it with my khaki cotton pants. I watched so many bag making tutorials and that helped me with this project.

Here is what I  started and ended up with:

I used shirts pocket as an embellishment but it is usable. i can throw some gums and candies in there.

I used a half yard material for the lining and liked how neat and fine the stitches came out. Love my sewing machine :-))

There is my little man with his perfect bag 🙂

He made sure that his LEGO MAN should be seen peeping through the pocket!!! and as usual some silly poses ;-).

Meet you next week some other new project or just for a chat.
Signing off for now,