Summer Quilt top- finished

This week my sewing machine was little busy. Last month, soon after turning 8, my son asked me if he could work on some summer project with my sewing machine. I was very glad, thinking that I could get rid off a  bundle of half yard fabrics I bought 2 years ago at Joann. So I gave him the option of making a quilt for his play area or a tote bag. I was very glad that he picked a quilt. He selected the fabrics. I helped with cutting, pinning and pressing.


But it was hard to refrain myself from suggesting when he was deciding the lay out :-). It feels very uneasy when they leave same colors nearby. But I definitely did a good job in that area (after he reminded that its his project!!!!) ;-).  Here is the finished quilt top.



We are having a hard time on picking the background fabric. He has eye on my butterfly fabric and I was holding on to that to use for my new Quilt Along project. But I think I have to give-in. Let him enjoy his summer project after all!!!!!

I will soon update with his completed quilt. I am definitely planning to practice my newly learnt free motion skills on it.

Also, I have these beautiful flowers in my garden.

DSC_0437small DSC_0440small

This was planted by the previous home owner. But they look so beautiful. I am very curious to know the name of this flower. If any of you know what it is I REQUEST you to leave the comment with its name.

Thank you for stopping by. You have a great weekend 🙂


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  1. Hi, what a beautiful memory you have created with your son (mine is now 15 and I will ask him, but I don’t think he is the kind of guy that will actually want to do the sewing part – not very patient – but he will no doubt pick a pattern and colours). I think, but am possibly wrong, that your flower is a day lily – other more experienced gardeners may correct me on that!

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  2. Yep, I googled it, a day lily. There are tonnes of colour variations. My tip: if anyone in your house suffers from hayfever, do not put these inside (I once had a bouquet of white ones after being a bridesmaid and I had to put it in the spare room with the door shut as the scent is too strong for my hayfever!)


    1. Thanks Jen :-). Maybe that’s why whenever I touch that flower/plant, I start itching. Thanks for your suggestions.


  3. Yes, those are lillies and they will come back each year. After they are done blooming, clip off the flower. After weeks pass, the leaves and stem will become wilted and yellow. Then you can cut the stems back down. Next summer the flowers will return! They do have a strong fragrance so I don’t bring them in the house.

    The quilt your son is making is very sweet. It is so difficult to keep my mouth shut when children are designing something. You are right, it is his project! He did a wonderful job too.


    1. Thanks Bernie. I guessed that those are lillies. But that fragrance confused me :-).


  4. Rebecca Cooley | Reply

    Your sons quilt is wonderful. Your lily is a star gazer. It does return each year but is not a day lily. Day lilies look more like grass with blooms. Yours is more like an Easter lily.


    1. Oh..Thanks Rebecca. I’m glad that I posted it :-).


  5. I think it is a star gazer lily. They smell heavenly


    1. Thanks Sarah. I like the fragrance too. But I start itching if I touch it 😞


  6. How nice that your son wants to have a go at making a project. Good on him for sticking to it and finishing the top. Now “all” Mum has to do is layer it, pin it and quilt it. Think how proud he will be with his very own finished quilt!


    1. Thank you Jenny :-). He is planning on selecting multicolored binding. Definitely more work for me :-).We will see how it works….


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