Reversible Fleece Cap and some banter….

Hello there,

Hope everyone had a great week. Yesterday evening my husband came home and said “it feels like summer…its excellent out there”! I was surprised because I went out 2 hours earlier and me and kids were packed with winter clothes!!! Then he continued saying “temperature is in early 30’s”. Deep in my mind I was thinking how much I was whining about the same temperature back in November. Now it looks like a good weather:-)). That’s what we humans are made up of. Grass is always greener on the other side. We never cherish what we have…we always want a BETTER one.
Speaking of “better” … I needed a better cap for myself to keep me warm in the early mornings when I step out to drop my son to school. Using Vanessa William’s Craftygemini Tutorials, I stitched this fabulous reversible fleece cap for myself.
True…my son has a bigger head:-)

Of course….I have very handy little models for my projects :-))

I am planning to improvise the design to make some cute caps for my kids. My son already demanded a Mohawk cap and I thought I would make bunny ears for my little girl. There they go for my long TO DO list :-). 

Meanwhile I came across this beautiful Rangoli Design (Art drawn using color powders) and it gave me the idea for a new quilt design. Don’t you love this art?????
Wishing you all a very happy week ahead…………
Signing off for now,

2 responses

  1. Good one, jyothi! Loved reading it 🙂 Best wishes~Roopa


  2. Thanks Roopa 🙂


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