Picnic Quilt – Big Finish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!Finally with weeks of cutting and sewing, I am done with my new quilt. Both top and backing are made with used jeans/pants/shirts of my 7 year old.


Quilt Top

Center of the quilt top is made with corduroy material, which is the most unruly material to sew with. Phew!!!….the fabric is so stretchy…I dropped my agenda of matching corners :-). I had to throw away a small stack of cut materials too. Kudos to the people who sew these materials in the garment factories. these materials are too stretchy to quilt with too.


corduroy material

I was relieved when I finished the quilt top. But a big pile of shorts (all cotton) and shirts were lying  and I thought of doing backing with those. There I was…. again and again sharpening my rotary blade, cutting and sewing, which felt like endless at the time. I cant explain how much I was dreading to finish it off….


Quilt Back

When it came to quilting, I broke off one needle (90/14) as soon as I started. Then changed the needle to heavy material size (100/16). [These sizes are as per my “Brother” sewing machine manual]. I dropped the idea of free motion quilting as it didn’t help me with super stretchy materials. I just went on with my walking foot and selected a random wavy design stitch. I don’t believe my eyes how beautifully it came out. I started in the center and had no clue about how would I continue along. I just did what came to my mind at that time. The quilting is simple yet pleasing to the eyes. Sometimes being spontaneous helps a lot :-). This entire quilt is about spontaneity and I had no layout planned. It was set up as I went along.

Love those corners. Aren’t they awesome 😉 ?



Long story short, I am very happy of the outcome and my son will always carry a memory of his childhood with him.

As usual…there they are 🙂


One last thought: Isn’t it funny how human mind works?  Other day looking at my bath room drain gave me some design ideas. No wonder Archimedes ran out from the bath tub :-)). Thank god I am not as eccentric as him ;-).

Hope everyone is enjoying a little bit of summer weather left. This beautiful weather is not letting me sew…..and my kids want to be outside all the time.

Catch you with my next adventure….till then, be good :-).


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4 responses

  1. Serendipity. What would we do without it? =) I love your picnic quilt, and I bet it lasts a very long time. I don’t know if I like the front or the back better, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much….


  2. What a great picnic quilt – full of family memories!


    1. Thanks Jenny….Love your blog 🙂


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