Quilted Laptop Cover

This week I got time to go through my “to do” list and the most tempting and needed project was to make a laptop cover. Our laptop was kept on the table without any covers. I was feeling very guilty to keep anything on top of it.  I found this tutorial from “beautiful mess” in my book marks, which I saved a couple of months ago and decided to follow it.

I used Robert Kaufman print for both lining and top and used fleece material for the sandwich.

DSC_0464 sma

If you are reading my blog for the first time, I am a beginner (or intermediate I would say) when it comes to sewing or quilting and I am terrified of free motion quilting (FMQ). It was time to start learning FMQ at any cost to call myself a quilter ;-). Fortunately my favorite online tutor Vanessa (craftygemini blog) started weekly FMQ tutorial and I got to experiment it on this project!!!!!!!!

DSC_0522 SM

To my surprise, it didn’t take that long to get the hang of it and I could do it pretty fast!!!!!!

Well there is my pretty lady, who didn’t let me take the picture of the quilted piece alone :-)…

DSC_0484 small

For the first time, I used biased binding. I made my own biased tape. The binding was not perfect, but I could take that.  Finally here is my finished piece.

DSC_0517 SM

DSC_0537 sm

Only change I would make in this tutorial is not to keep 2 inches space on the sides. It is too roomy….I would go for an inch or so.  Since we don’t carry the laptop with this cover, I didn’t take the pain to re-do it.

DSC_0529 sm

You can modify the tutorial to add straps on the sides if you are planning to carry this bag along with you.

Meanwhile I took a 6 weeks online class on managing the WordPress blog. The class was fabulous and I learnt a lot (of course all in the 12th week…as usual I did the crash course myself and studied everything just before giving the test :-)). I applied whatever I learnt in that class here in this blog. I selected the user/mobile friendly theme and set up navigation bars to make it look more like website. I want to know my readers opinion about it… Please drop in your comments, whether you like my blog or not… What part of it would you liked to be changed….
If you like to read my posts, please feel free to subscribe, for which you don’t have to pay (I heard somebody talking about it…..that’s why I mentioned it). No one else will see your e-mail, except me. You will get an email update each time I publish a new post. It will save some of your time too:-).

Catch you in my next adventure….till then be good 🙂




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