T-shirt summer Dress and Some Pouches

After my last adventure with t-shirts, I wanted to make use of hardly worn t-shirts. Then came the idea of turning it in to little girls summer dress.  That’s when I remembered this post from craftygemini.  In her tutorial, Venessa used knit fabrics. I used t-shirts instead. It came out very well. My daughter (3yr old) never wears the dresses I sew. She likes only knits. She wore this dress for 2 days straight, until some juice spill on it :-)).

DSC_0013small DSC_0017small

Here she is in her new avatar!!!!!!

DSC_0046small Inchi collage small

A tip while sewing with knits: Use a leader cloth in front of your knit fabric being sewn. That helps to avoid the feed dogs from eating your fabric!!!!!!

I also made some pouches, pouches and pouches :-D.


When I was in college I used to carry a leather purse with 2 zippers. It was very convenient to keep pens/pencils and money separate. I always wanted to make some on my own. Last week,  I stumbled across this youtube channel by Japanese Sewing Books YouTube channel and found a direct and simple way of making the same exact pouch I used to have. Right away I started with it.

DSC_0060small DSC_0066small

Only changes I made were adding interfacing to the main fabric and playing with zipper lengths. The pouch gets some body with one interfacing to the outermost piece.  But then my daughter wanted a pouch for herself. She came with a material of her choice and we ended up with this nice pencil pouch :-).


That’s all for this week. Hope you had some fun sewing too. THANK YOU for stopping by. Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you with my next post. Until then be Happy 🙂



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4 responses

  1. The t-shirt dress is adorable and so is your daughter. She clearly loves her new dress.
    The pencil pouches turned out great. I love making little pouches like that. It is satisfying to make something and finish it up so quickly.


    1. Thank You Bernie for stopping by :-). Thanks for the comments. I love making pouches too. Love your flowers. Will comment there!!!!!!!


  2. Such a pretty litttle tee shirt dress and your little girl looks very happy modelling it. GReat pouches too!


    1. Thank You Jenny :-).


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