Irish Chain Quilt Along Big Finish!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes!!!!!!!!!!! The QAL (Done by Melissa at Happy Quilting)is over and I finished quilting and binding my little wall hanging. Just can’t wait to share the finished piece with you :-).

After finishing all the blocks, it was time to put together everything  and somehow I didn’t like the look of green  blocks. So replaced these yellow blocks with the green ones.

But again when I compared two pictures it felt like both looked great. But I just went ahead with the yellow ones.

But I didn’t want to add the green blocks to the orphan blocks’ group. There came the idea of using those for backing. The next moment I was there cutting some more green blocks from the remnants of green fabrics. When I put together all green blocks, it hit me that backing should be bigger than the front :-((.

So I used all of the extra fabrics and there came a beautiful backing. I just loved this and thought of using it as a separate quilt top. But somehow realized only greens would be monotonous and went ahead with my earlier idea of adding all patchwork blocks in the same quilt.

Since I don’t do Free Motion Quilting (FMQ), I used walking foot to quilt.It took me almost a week to quilt the entire quilt. I know… is high time that I add up all the courage to work on FMQ.  Here is my big finish!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that quilting isn’t perfect. But I loved how it came out at the end. This is the first time I used sticking applique method. Petal works were too stiff and quilting on it didn’t make any impressions. Now I know why starch method is better for quilting on it. There is always something to learn from every experience.

Here is the backing after finishing. I just loved those spiral quilting……can’t stop looking at it :-)). I know it sounds crazy…but that’s what most quilters like!!!!looking at their quilt for the 100th time :-).

Hope you liked my little project from this Quilt Along and see you next time :-)).

Till then be good 🙂



7 responses

  1. Going great Jyo, I can see your passion, and I do second on admiring wonderful work. If it was me I too would have been doing same…


  2. It turned out just beautiful!!! I so love that spiral quilting!!! Just gorgeous!! And your quilting all looks fantastic!!! What a beautiful finish!! Your pieced back is just adorable!! So glad you enjoyed the QAL and worked outside your comfort zone trying new things too 😉 That’s what they are all about 😉


  3. Your quilting is amazing, Especially the “X” blocks. Looks great.

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  4. I really loved the quilting with the walking foot, I will try your method next time! I am quite a beginner quilter, I am still learning FMQ, and quilt in the ditch with the walking foot. I never tried quilting circles with walking foot but your circles are looking so great this will be my next try!


    1. Thanks Agi. Melissa (happy quilting) has a tutorial on spiral quilting with walking foot. That gave me some courage when I first tried it. I drew the starting spirals with disappearing ink pen and used walking foot. Good luck to you :-).


  5. Irish change twist quilt is very pretty!


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